Vulpix Trading Card
Current Home: Home
Past Home(s): Pokemon Center
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Personality: She's a silly thing, acting childish and hyper most of the time. However, when things are serious, she finds it easy to keep her head, unless water is involved; she is afraid of water.
Mate, Offspring, Friends, and Siblings
Mate: None
Offspring: None
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Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese (inside joke with my sis XP)
Favorite Toy: A ball with water and glitter inside. She likes kicking around and making the glitter move.
Role-player: The ultimate Vulpix lover

Vulpix is a fire-type pokemon with brown fur, white belly and paws, brown eyes, three tufts of red hair on its head and six red tails. Vulpix is female in this case.


Vulpix's mother, Ninetails, died at a Pokemon Center, leaving Vulpix's egg in the care of the Pokemon there. She was hatched and raised by those Pokemon until one day when she accidentally ruined a healing room with her Flamethrower. As she left, she heard Poliwrath grumbling about wishing she would leave. She runs away to the Playground, crying.

There, Houndour found her he invited her to come live at Home, showing great kindness towards the dismayed fire fox. She takes up this offer and goes home with him, showing her silly side by runnning into the kitchen right away and getting herself her favorite food, Mac and Cheese.

After this, Vulpix proves that she is silly, disaster-prone, and has a habit of getting in trouble. If it weren't for Houndour, she would destroy the house at some point. Unfortunately, as she starts to have feelings for Houndour, he only sees her as a troublesome little sister, causing problems.