"Did you see that? He had a big sack of cash!"
Raichu to Spark when they saw a convienence store robber run past them in Home

Current Home: Home
Past Home(s): His house
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Personality: Confident, brave, willing
Mate, Offspring, Friends, and Siblings
Mate: Spark
Offspring: Zap
Friend(s): N/A
Sibling(s): None
Favorite Food: Pudding
Favorite Toy: Toy boxing gloves
Role-player: Moss

Raichu are a species of electric type Pokemon in the Kanto region. They are orange with white stomachs and brown ears, feet, and hands. They have long black tails with a small yellow lightning shaped tips. This particular Raichu is male, and he is also eighteen years of age.


Raichu meets Spark when she accidentally runs into her on the sidewalk.He asked her to go to the park and they become really good friends. They go fishing later and Spark tells him why she gets depressed sometimes and "confesses". Then, the two suddenly share a kiss.

He comes over to Home to see Spark, but when Josh, who is Spark's brother, answers the door, he slams it in Raichu's face. He gets confused when Josh starts asking him weird questions. He and Spark take a walk when they see a convienence store robber running away with a sack of money.

He decides to move in with his girlfriend, and they sleep together, causing Josh to flip out, because he's overly protective if his sister.

Right away, Spark's brother Josh completely has a distaste for Raichu. Josh and Raichu are not exactly enimies, but not really friends, either. While Josh, on one hand, is constantly beating down on Raichu for hanging around his sister, Raichu is normally cool with it. Josh has called Raichu a "perv" when he heard Spark and him lovemaking, and even slammed a door in his face.

Him and Spark have a child during the midst of what appears to be some giant crystal disater, a Pichu who they name Zap. Raichu isn't as protective as Spark, but he is still a great father in general. They decide to adopt another child so Zap could have a sibling to grow up with. They bring home a male Riolu, and Zap and him are stuck like glue.