Pidgeot's Trading Card
Current Home: Home
Past Home(s): none
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Personality: Pidgeot loves flying and can't stand being on the ground, and even when he's near the ground, he still hovers. He's the adventurous type and is the exact opposite of cowardly.
Mate, Offspring, Friends, and Siblings
Mate: Bayleef(Girlfriend)
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Favorite Food: Fried Carp
Favorite Toy: He isn't interested in toys- toys are for cowards who are too afraid to find entertainment in adventure!
Role-player: Ski

Pidgeot is a dual normal/flying type pokemon. In this case, Pidgeot is male.


Pidgeot was born to Fearow and Swellow. His childhood friend, Bayleef, was born not long after, and they seemed to have a connection right away. It was probably because their eggs were always near, because Pidgeot's and Bayleef's parents were friends and almost always around each other.

However, one day, Fearow was accused of cheating on Swellow, and after the divorce, Pidgeot decided he couldn't take it anymore. He convinced Bayleef to run away with him, and they left. They journeyed for a long time, eventually reaching Home.

Upon reaching Home and finding it in utter chaos as everyone was getting married, Bayleef envies them and wishes that she could be in a relationship with someone. Pidgeot askes her out, and they began dating. Afterwards, he thought to himself, "Let's hope she doesn't envy the pokemon with the kid next." (XP)