Jynx (Pachirisu)
Pachirisu's Dream World Artwork
Current Home: Home
Past Home(s): None
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Personality: Flirty-like
Mate, Offspring, Friends, and Siblings
Mate: Feather
Offspring: Star
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Sibling(s): None
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Role-player: Rainfacestar

Jynx is a Pachirisu, an Electric Type Pokemon of the Sinnoh region. Jynx is a male.


Jynx is shown to appear first when he wakes up and eats a quick bowl of cereal. He acts flirty-like, often with Feather. He later comes in a room, and when Panpour tapes his mouth shut, he accuses her of liking him through the tape, while Panpour says that they all knew he liked the other Pachirisu.

Again, Jynx acts more flirty-like towards Feather, which includes feeling down her tail. He later makes the three main mothers mad and they chase him all around the house. Finally, Feather chips in and helps Jynx escape. The mothers calm down. Jynx then thanks Feather with a kiss, leaving her stunned for a while.

He later comes out of no where and starts kissing Feather like there was no tomorrow. They then do it, resulting in Feather getting pregnant with an egg, which later hatches into another female Pachirisu. Jynx later develops a rivalry with Simipour. They are shown to argue often.