Isis (Lucario)
No Image
Current Home: None
Past Home(s): Unknown
Personality: Nice, friendly, but sometimes competitive and sarcastic
Mate: None
Favorite Food: Baked Salmon
Favorite Toy: Unknown
Role-player: Icewish

This Pokemon will no longer be RPed at all. If you respect Icewish even a little, you will not even edit this page, let alone RP this Pokemon.


Lucarios are fighting/steel type pokemon of the Sinnoh region. They are blue, black, and cream colored and are very wolf/fox-like in appearance, but they stand on two legs. This one in particular is a female Lucario named Isis.


Isis is a traveler who wants to explore the entire pokemon world on foot. She comes across Bisharp fighting Cacturne and decides to help him. She is an extremely good fighter.

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