— Paul to Carl in Home


Carl and Paul are two llamas that appeared in the Role-play for a few posts.


Carl first shows up claiming he wants to eat the faces of the Pokemon, and he first appears when the Pokemon are battling against Zoroark and his gang of evil Pokemon. Paul then shows up and asks why Carl is there, and Carl simply replies, "Happy birthday" to which Paul replies that it is not his birthday.

Zoroark gets angry at the two and calls them dumbasses and transports them to Canada. Simisage thinks in his thoughts that they are idiot llamas. Later, Carl and Paul reappear out of nowhere and Paul asks Carl why they were here again. Carl replies that he came there for the eggs. Manaphy gets annoyed with them and kicks them to Australia.

Carl reappears again and sets off a bomb next to Zoroark to prevent him from using Night Daze. The bomb wounds Zoroark severely, but doesn't kill him. Carl sets off the bomb when the good Pokemon were not around and then disappears before it goes off.

They then return and Carl requests to eat the almost dead Zoroark. Paul is with him him and yells at him to stop eating people. Manaphy rolls her eyes and Prinplup yells at them if they will just leave. Carl, being crazy, says, "We shall be back!" This is the last time both are seen, making Carl and Paul minor yet hilarious characters.


  • Carl and Paul will only appear during the battle against Zoroark and his evil Pokemon gang because Rainfacestar and ~Leafy~ thought it would be funny to make them show up in a battle that was really important.
  • It is very likely Carl and Paul will not appear in the role-play again, but they might reappear from time to time at important battles such as the one against Zoroark, just to be annoying.