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Current Home: Home
Past Home(s): His and his Girlfriend's house, Jail
Personality: Somewhat cruel, mysterious. But once you get to know him, very nice and kind.
Mate: None, but his girlfriend's name was Alexandra
Favorite Food: Unknown
Favorite Toy: None
Role-player: Icewish (Formerly)

This Pokemon will no longer be RPed at all. If you respect Icewish even a little, you will not even edit this page, let alone RP this Pokemon.


Bisharps are dark/steel-type Pokemon of the Unova region. They are completely made out of metal and blades. This Bisharp in particular is a male Pokemon that seemed very cruel and mean most of the time...


Bisharp currently lives in Jail. He was accused of a crime that he did not commit, and was punished while the real culprit got away. Not much is known about him, other than he has a sharp-tongue and hates it when the area is loud.

He was able to escape from Jail. He ran onto the house and broke off part of the wall. The cops started chasing him, but he stopped running once he got to the area where his house was. All it was was a pile of ashes. He found a photo of his girlfriend and himself. The cops realized that they made a mistake. He now lives at "Home."

After several bullets are shot into the house from outside, he decides to investigate. He sees the Red Cacturne outside and attacks it. He disarms the enemy pokemon, but was then electrocuted by Spark on accident. There was a lot of water in the soil and grass, so he begins to rust.

He is able to clean the rust off of himself, and goes back outside when it stops raining. Luna follows him after she finished eating dinner.

He is seen later outside. Luna follows him and starts chasing a butterfly. She runs into Spark and he chases after her. He then takes her back to the house so she wont get into any more trouble. She thinks of him as an older brother. When Luna asks about Alexandra, Bisharp finds it hard to respond.

Lune decides to change the subject, and asks what Bisharp's real name is. After bothering him about it enough, she finally says that his name is Akakios, an ancient Greek name meaning "innocent, not guilty." She says that she is going to call him that from that point on. Bisharp tells her not to, but then decides that he doesn't care.

He and Luna are shot at by the Red Cacturne. He fights his enemy with the help of Isis the Lucario. After a long fight, Luna surprizingly finishes it. She knocks him out and gose to get the cops. Sadly, the cacturne uses Destiny Bond on both Bisharp and Isis, so all three pokemon will die or none at all.

The police agreed to let the Cacturne go. He fled and let go of Bisharp an Isis.


  • He was accused of murder of his girlfriend, armed robbery, and destruction of property.
  • He is 18 years old.